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Xo Andrea

My Integrative Art Therapy sessions introduce you to using the creative process (making visual art), healing movement (inspired by yoga), and meditative techniques to support your growth and healing. All of these approaches are trauma-informed and individualized.

What does art making offer to our session?

You can actually “see” your internal and external processes and therefore gain more insight regarding your emotional and personal habits – both the ones that support and the ones that don’t serve your well-being. It often allows us to see our inter-generational patterns with more clarity as well. Artmaking is a language.

“But I am not an artist! Will I be able to do it right? ”
In a safe, nurturing and non-judgmental setting, your familiarity and confidence with the art materials and process will grow over time. There is room to discuss and explore any expectations that you have initially or that arise unexpectedly. Art making allows us to develop and hone a new language. There is no prerequisite- only a curiosity and willingness to explore. While you will learn new skills that may lead you to pursue classes in a specific art technique, the focus is not on skill but an exploration and experimentation with the materials. The creative rituals we use in sessions will often translate for self-care and reflection at home. Its more about what the art reveals than what it looks like!

“What does a typical individual session look like?”
After having a brief consultation regarding your goals or intentions for engaging in therapy we will schedule a session. Your session will typically begin with brief discussion and intention setting. Some breath and body awareness movement may be weaved in for grounding. We will then move into a guided exploration and experimentation with art materials. In closing, we will reflect on and discuss the process and resulting art product together. Sometimes clients work on one art piece for several sessions and others benefit from making a different piece each session. We will discuss these options.

“What art materials do you use?”
We may employ a traditional material such as paint, collage, book-making, photos or clay. Or non-traditional art materials such as tree branches, dried seeds, cloth, or string. At times, a creative process may include making something “from scratch” and other times it may involve assembling preexisting “found” objects or sentimental objects of your own. Each offers a different experience and language to gain the desired insight and empowerment.

Do you offer your services in a language other than English?
At this time, I only offer services in English. I am studying and practicing Spanish but I’m not fluent…yet!