THE BREATHING HeARTS JOURNEYS are a creative integrative curriculum that welcomes you to participate in a healing process revolving around a theme or concept. Typically the themes or concepts are the ones that have unfortunately been shamed into silence in our societies…such as money, sex, power, abuse, anger, guilt, pleasure. Each session, or journey, builds compassion and deeper understanding through the creative process and meaningful self-inquiry practices.

Being creative is too often seen as child’s play when it actually provides us with rich, powerful, deep meaning and profound understanding of our own experience and sustainable inner peace through all stages of life. The Breathing HeARTS journeys involve intuitive art making that draws from ancient and contemporary spiritual and therapeutic practices. They involve storytelling, poetry, mixed media art, journaling, genealogy, yoga, meditation and more.

Andrea’s Breathing HeARTS Journeys curriculum and workshops will be available in 2018 and my newsletter will be offering sneak previews leading up to its release.

xoxox Power on Beloveds!