While therapy can certainly help you with worries,challenges and fears, it can also help you with identifying your talents, resources and leadership approach. You have multiple intelligences and art making can help you identify and strengthen them and use them with confidence. You might be having a hard time because you never really slowed down long enough to learn how YOU learn…integrative art therapy can help!

Often certain teachers’ styles don’t match our own, especially if you are more of a visual learner! Let’s explore how art making can help you translate your experience as a student into one that is empowering and reduces your frustrations, focus and increases your ability to hold onto all that info you stuff in your big beautiful brain!

Don’t let only outside deadlines be the way you approach your learning.
Be your own best teacher, better manage your time, balance your responsibilities and reduce your stress!

I offer special rates for first generation college students and home-schooled students. And I offer HOW TO SET UP YOUR HOME SCHOOL ART STUDIO package and HOW TO USE ART TO STUDY.


I would love to hear more about your needs. Click HERE and let’s set up a 30-minute phone consult. xoxoAndrea



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