I’m thrilled you’re interested in investing in your well being! Our sessions together are a creative, integrative and personalized approach to your life. What questions do you want to explore? What do you find yourself struggling with over and over? What do you crave? What do you avoid? How do you balance self-care and nurturing others?

My approach is INTEGRATIVE ART THERAPY because in each session artmaking, mindfulness techniques, healing movement and communication skills are available and woven together for you to have new tools in your life’s tool box. Our sessions are also integrative because we address mind, body and spirit. We establish a safe and nurturing space to address how your relationship with yourself, your communities, institutions, workplace, and your greater worldview impacts patterns of daily life. All the topics that are typically taboo- money, ethnicity, sex, sexism, racism, privilege, religion- are significant and are welcomed.

We can utilize a wide array of creative tools and practices such as mixed media arts, storytelling, meditation, and yoga asana that are woven together to meet you where you are, respect where you’ve been, and support your path and transitions.  Whether you are curious, with little-to-no art or therapy experience, or are well-versed – integrative art therapy can offer transformative tools.

It is the process and the messages that the art reveals to you that is important. I see the art you make in our sessions as a sacred “artifact” or totem along your path. This is not about making art for beauty’s sake – but for health and awareness sake – which is a meaningful process.

We all have many more inner and community resources than we realize. All of us. Right now in this moment. And it is in creative, intentional practices and relationships that we come to recognize and clarify them. It’s also in intentional art making that we can more easily “see” what created some ruts, instead of roots, in our processes.

Let’s set up an introductory call so you can decide if Integrative Art Therapy is the right investment for you right now. Xo, Andrea

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