Some of us, like myself, were not raised to ask for help and especially not from a therapist. This can be a big step but a vital one to enhance well-being in our daily lives and relationships.

Parents want what’s best for their children but too often feel judged and overwhelmed…and therefore so do our kids! Children more and more, regardless of their school culture, are approaching their life as worker bees instead of conscious creative beings. There is so much that we can’t change about our family’s daily routine and responsibilities. There are a lot of big challenges and vital topics we are facing in our communities. However, there are ways that we can approach family life which bring more peace, well-being, and connection without ignoring our very real struggles.

I’m here to support you! Families require collaboration skills just like any great team. Each one of you has a leadership style and contributes uniquely. Art therapy can make your intentions and gifts most effective. You want your team to smile more, rest more, play more, connect and communicate! My style of therapy works best with families that are wanting new creative solutions to ongoing challenges.

My services also honor significant moments or memories with intentional art making that includes the whole family. Creating mixed media family art projects together is such a powerful way to create family heirlooms that archive and share the gift of family stories.

Integrative Art Therapy can make the transitions of the day and seasons of family life more graceful and be a powerful communication tool when conflict arises.

Family Art Therapy…

  • increases mindfulness, understanding, compassion, and humor
  • decreases stress and frustration
  • highlights each person’s style of leadership in the immediate and extended family and can acknowledge the contribution of our ancestors
  • offers new creative perspectives to conflict
  • increases effective communication and healthy boundaries
  • can result in family heirlooms that support your intentions and cultural celebrations

I look forward to hearing from you. Please email questions or to schedule a call for a free 30-minute consultation.