The same way that you can learn a lot about a family making a meal together, you can learn a lot about a team making an art project together. If you have a problem that just keeps resurfacing or a new project that will need some creative leadership – art making can help!

Too often we assume that we are all “on the same page” and we are not or maybe don’t even want to be. For example, often, I have worked with teams on short-term projects or special events in which each person had to learn each other’s styles as they went along- this is not effective or responsible business practice and always seems to cause conflict and inefficiency. Having even just one brief 60-90 minute session for a “meeting of the creative minds” can provide a support and connection that makes your event or project more effective and successful in all aspects.

 I offer a free 30-minute phone consult – whether you are curious about what an integrative art therapy experience can provide for your team or if you would like to utilize my services to address a specific conflict or transition in your business…I would love to discuss it with you. Materials and activities will be customized to meet your team’s specific needs and goals.

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