Dearest Curious One,

I want to support you to carve out that SAFE and CONSISTENT CREATIVE SPACE that you crave! You can have meaningful self-care practices that fit into your week and not just talk or dream about it. Therapy can be a moment in the hectic day that is just for you. Yes, it can be challenging at times but its rewards are tenfold.You deserve therapy that is emotionally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually sustainable. Your sessions should leave you feeling empowered for your daily life, your relationships, your struggles and goals.

One size will never fit all. Your story, your struggles, your strengths, your particular quirks, your concerns, your interests, your humor, your leadership styles are all relevant, important and woven together to make you, well, one and only YOU!

So your therapy session will be individualized. We will utilize the creative process along with mindfulness techniques and healing movement to align your daily intentions and honor your growth and healing process.

Our sessions will…

  • increase your self-awareness You will be able to more easily identify the patterns that serve you and the ones that don’t.
  • provide new creative skills and confidence along the way and/or use the tools you already have in new ways to navigate your daily challenges.
  • address the mind-body-heart connection through the different systems in your life

I know it might be a little scary to take the first step. But there’s no prerequisite, only curiosity and perhaps a dose of gentle self-talk is required.

Over the years, I have had the honor of working with many different individuals, life partners and families from many different histories, incomes, cities and in diverse settings that have informed who I am as a person and therapist as well as teacher, artist, and restorative justice activist. I welcome any questions that you may have and my broader story is on my site for you to get to know me a little better.

I’m a Southerner from New Orleans that means I like to talk…So lets set up a 30 minute free consult for you to ask me some questions!

xoxox Andrea